jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

Honduras: “The State and the extractive economic model are responsible for the assassination of Berta”

Photo G. Trucchi/REL-UITA
Interview with Tomás Gómez, Interim Coordinator of COPINH

By Giorgio Trucchi / LINyM |Rel-UITA

On September 2 of this year, in various cities around the world, voices of protest were raised again against the complicit silence of Honduran authorities and the veil of impunity that, after 6 
months, still covers the brutal assassination of the indigenous leader Berta Cáceres Flores.

In La Esperanza, Intibucá hundreds of indigenous Lenca people organized by Copinh (1) mobilized along with family members of the murdered social justice fighter and with members of the Garífuna people organized in Ofraneh (2) to demand justice for Berta Cáceres, punishment for the material and intellectual perpetrators of the crime and an immediate end to the criminalization of the struggle against the extractive model and plunder of the natural resources that are public goods.

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Tomás Gómez Membreño is the interim coordinator of Copinh. Six months ago it fell to him to take the position and begin tirelessly  working so that the pain, frustration and anger of an entire people would be transformed into a creative and purposeful force.