jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

A Transcendence From the Human Heart

Rothko Chapel hosts a discussion on Central American indigenous rights and honors Óscar Romero.

WHAT ARE THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, and how can people in the United States become more aware of the political and environmental struggles facing those populations? That’s the subject of a discussion taking place Thursday, Oct. 1 at Rothko Chapel titled Dispossessed and in Danger: The State of Indigenous Rights. The talk is part of a series of programming recognizing the biennial Óscar Romero Award, which honors grassroots efforts in human rights advocacy.
The 2015 Óscar Romero Awards honors Miriam Miranda and Berta Cáceres, Afro-Caribbean and indigenous rights activists in Honduras. The discussion will be led by Juliet Hooker, professor of government at the University of Texas, and Ana Paula Hernández, program officer for Latin America at the Fund for Global Human Rights. The talk will be moderated by Suzanne Benally, executive director of Cultural Survival.  LEER TODO>>